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Lotus Street for
Property Owners

Lotus Street offers a diverse range of services to assist property owners in selling/renting out their property without difficulty. Having accumulated 25 years of experience in facilitating communication between property owners and buyers/tenants, Lotus Street is well-versed in maintaining positive relationships with both parties.

Lotus Street
Process and Features

  • Finding buyers/tenants
  • Background checks
  • Legal paperwork
  • Furnishings assistance
  • Home insurance as per request
  • Monitoring rent and utility bill payments
  • Periodic inspection
  • Home maintenance
  • Move in and move out formalities with inventory check
  • Curated options
  • Guided site visits
  • Best prices
  • Fully assisted move ins
  • Monitoring rent and utility payments
  • 365 Days Maintenance support
  • Facilitate smooth move out process


Finding buyers/tenants


Background checks


Legal paper work


Furnishing assistance


Home insurance guidance


Rent payment monitoring


Utility bills management


Periodic inspection


House maintenance


Move in/out formalities with inventory check

The Lotus Street Experience

Finding Suitable buyers/tenants
Property Owner's Hassles Lotus Street Solution
Dealing with brokers from various localities Single point of contact from Lotus Street
Screening prospective buyers/tenants Comprehensive background check of buyers/tenants
Rent negotiation talks Negotiating best possible rent
Long process that needs time and effort Fast rental closure at best price
Rental Management
Property Owner's Hassles Lotus Street Solution
Collecting rent and utility payments Utility and rent payment support
Legal documentation and paperwork Professional documentation and paperwork support
Property Maintenance Property maintenance support
Property Management
Property Owner's Hassles Lotus Street Solution
Furnishing and fit outs Hassle free furnishing and fit outs
Move in and Move out inspection Facilitate Move-in and Move-out procedures
Post move out Maintenance Inventory check prior to hand over
Dedicated team for supporting during the entire stay Periodic inspections and feedback
Payment of property taxes, processing of khata, EC etc. as required Support for payment of taxes and processing of documents required.

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